First Carrier Sold

My first carrier came out of the oven this weekend and I immediately put it up on the market.

Mineral Cost: 617.7 M
BPC Costs: 163.8 M
Total Cost: 781.5 M

Sold: 918 M

Profit: +135.5 M

I spent 6.746 B on some BPOs in order to reduce the BPC costs.

Capital Construction Parts BPO, ME 10
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay BPO, ME 10
Capital Drone Bay BPO, ME 50
Capital Jump Drive BPO, ME 10
Thanatos BPO, ME 4

So far, so good. I’ve got a Thanatos and Archon coming out of the oven this week and the Capital Parts under construction for a Chimera.

The main bottleneck is that a 1 run BPC of a carrier takes 1 month, 14 days, and 10 hours; I may have to spend more and get 2-3 copies of each carrier BPO once I get my wallet back up to a nice level.