First Carrier Sold

My first carrier came out of the oven this weekend and I immediately put it up on the market.

Mineral Cost: 617.7 M
BPC Costs: 163.8 M
Total Cost: 781.5 M

Sold: 918 M

Profit: +135.5 M

I spent 6.746 B on some BPOs in order to reduce the BPC costs.

Capital Construction Parts BPO, ME 10
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay BPO, ME 10
Capital Drone Bay BPO, ME 50
Capital Jump Drive BPO, ME 10
Thanatos BPO, ME 4

So far, so good. I’ve got a Thanatos and Archon coming out of the oven this week and the Capital Parts under construction for a Chimera.

The main bottleneck is that a 1 run BPC of a carrier takes 1 month, 14 days, and 10 hours; I may have to spend more and get 2-3 copies of each carrier BPO once I get my wallet back up to a nice level.

10 Comments on “First Carrier Sold”

  1. argle says:

    Hah, I guess I’m not the only blogger to notice the ridiculous margins on those. Planning to get into the market in the next month or so.

    Also, using the BPO reduces manufacturing time to 11 days ^^

  2. nStedt says:

    “… notice the ridiculous margins on those”, I beg your pardon? Making +20% margin on a ship which requires a massive isk investment is not that good.
    It looks good on paper, but try adding up the BPO costs, the BPO research time and add a little extra for losing the odd freigther in low-sec from time to time and its no particulary attractive.

    • argle says:

      The size of the investment is irrelevant, monthly returns are what matter. If you can manufacture a carrier every 11 days it comes out around 500m/mo, which is twice what you’d get copying a supercarrier blueprint for the same outlay. Assuming an unlimited market, with 4 drone bay BPO and enough carrier BPO (6-7-ish) you would be able to build ~15 carriers per month.

      Also, lose freighters? Seriously?

      • nStedt says:

        In my experience the monthly return in carrier production is around 10% of the isk invested in blueprints and minerals tied down in rolling production. It might even be less than that but I like to believe its around that figure 🙂

        The point I was trying to make is that what you also mention; that its not enough to look at the profit for induvidual ships, you need to look at the amount of isk you need to invest to build these ships. Then you can decide of the profit ratio is enough for you or not.

  3. Sard Caid says:

    (135/781.5)*100= 17.3% profit/cost ratio.

    Not bad. I don’t tend to do ship production unless its a 25% ratio, and most t1 modules are sold for 50-100%.

  4. Jacabon Mere says:

    Why are you not building from the bpo’s?

    Also carrier producer checking in.

    • Blake says:

      ?? What. I thought you have to make a BPC then produce off of that?

      • Jacabon Mere says:

        Nope. I build with the bpo in a Corp hanger and parts in the X-Large ship assembly array. Takes
        8days 21 hours.

  5. Brut says:

    Just wanted to say LOL after reading that post in my google reader, thankfully someone told you to use the BPO

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