Thinking in Powers of 10

When I first started Eve, I thought in terms of thousands; skill books that cost 32,000 or 100,000 were high priced and the thought of spending multiple millions on the advanced learning skills was just not justifiable.

After a few months of getting my learning skills maxed out, I found Evemon and saw how beneficial the advanced learning skills were to my character. I mined for hours in my Navitas frigate and hauled with an Iteron III to get enough ISK to purchase the skills. After those skills were purchased, I started to think of items in Eve in terms of millions. Tech I items that cost 100,000 ISK or 200,000 ISK cost next to nothing and I had some 50 million in my wallet.

  • 06.2008 – 07.2009 NPC, Center of Advanced Studies
  • 07.2008 Joined a corporation
  • 11.2008 Corporation joined a Alliance
  • 02.2009 Created a second account

Joining a corporation set me on a mission to pilot the mightly Hulk, which at the time cost around 80-85 million ISK. I slaved, earning money by trading basic Tech I items like Warp Core Stabilizers and Heavy Neutron Blasters. The Hulk was fun to mine in and made easy work of Veldspar asteroids. After the release of Apocrypha, a corpmate of mine and I moved into a C2, then a C3 and now we are calling a C5’s home; my Hulk is eating Arkonor and Bistot asteroids for breakfast.

15 months after starting Eve, I am setting a goal to pilot a Carrier for the Alliance. The skill books, ship, modules, and insurance all add up to around 2-2.5 B with a 80 day plan to be able to pilot the Carrier with proper module/jumpdrive skills. I have perused the killboards and see the multi-billion ISK damage of a Carrier kill.

Am I ready to think in terms of Billions? 1,000… 1,000,000… 1,000,000,000?

One Comment on “Thinking in Powers of 10”

  1. Galo says:

    Hmm only been at Eve for about 6 weeks or so, so based on how things have progressed for you compared to that I’m doing fairly good in progress then. Spent over a 100m by far already and most if that have gone into skill books and over half of that went into 3 implants.

    So far I haven’t done like most new players sinking all their money into hot shiny ships to pvp and all that. Every thing done so far been a expense for investment return in skill books, implants, a mining Retriever to make me ISK when feel like it. A few ships for salvaging, few mission frigates fully fitted and several industrial haulers, dozens of shuttles and investment in 2 exploration probe and scanning ships to find signatures.

    I guess I can clearly see where all my expenses have gone in the short 6 weeks so far in Eve. So I’m not too impatient about my progress looking at how things have progressed fo you. However I’m a goal setter so looking forward to achieving some of those things as well in time.

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